Brave New Worlds

The old way.

At the Massachusetts Center for Charter Public School Excellence Instructional Summit last Friday, David Warlick gave

The new way.

an inspiring, quirky, whizzy presentation on the new world of learners we’re all in.

Some things that stood out for me…

  • We are not afraid. (Check out this Flickr group!)
  • Personal Learning Networks–grow your own!
  • Be a Master Learner. Show you can make mistakes in front of a group of 200 people.  Show you can own up to “growth areas” in your practice.  Don’t be afraid.

Finally, the most important new directions of all, towards curiosity, wondering, and play.  Which of course, leads us right back to Old Radical School critics who said just the same thing.  It is a sense of adventure, and choice, and engagement that drives all deep learning.

Notes from the Warlick session.  Learning, not technology, is the biggest word.

"Learning" is the biggest word.


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