In a New Role, Teachers Move to Run Schools

Teachers as activists. Instead of blaming others for the conditions of the work, teachers take charge. The Times skepticism here though, is palable, as is the usual focus on TFA teachers. The Times sees the world though a very narrow prism. EDUCATION | September 07, 2010 New York Times
In a New Role, Teachers Move to Run Schools
At a 650-student school in Newark, in an increasingly common move, the teaching staff is the administration, raising morale but potentially blurring educators’ focus.


2 thoughts on “In a New Role, Teachers Move to Run Schools

  1. A start in the right direction, but we need to rethink more than just the governance of school, just like the small school movement, it is just not enough to be Teacher led, if we just repeat the same nonsense of principal led schools or top down management. we need to think differently. I also worry this is another way to blame teachers if it doesn’t work out. Instead of actually curing the disease we keep trying different medicines to cure the symptoms.

    I hope that we get more teacher run schools more human scale communities of learners and more schools that build education from the ground up, not just repeat what has been done just a little differently!

    How can we change this Kirsten?

    I really would love to have a talk about charters, private schools, home schools and independent schools and why it is also pitted against Public school? Are these the words we should still be using?

    okay more later!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. David, You know I’m so with you on this. And the narrowness of the Times coverage, what is allowed and what is not in terms of education reform reporting, is exactly what you are alluding to as well.

    The teachers at this school are, of course, TFA teachers.

    It’s about a lot more than small steps like this. But because I’m always out talking about teacher activism, and teachers standing up, this seemed a small but hopeful sign. More. Skype. Yes.

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