“I Am Not A Good Boy”

In this marvelous video, Paulo Freire speaks to Seymour Papert about the meaning of education, and Freire’s understanding of education–what education means for him.  “Look at how many envelopes of teaching you have deposited into me today…” the girl described by Papert might have said, notes Freire.  “I am the opposite of that, and I insist, I am the opposite of that.  I am not a good boy.  I try to be a good person, god knows, but I am not a good boy.”

The beautiful legacy of Freire, in another radical educator’s words:

“Teaching in a democracy, teaching among free people who respect and honor the autonomy of all people (including children) is about confronting knowledge in all its forms, including where the power lies in our society, why the privileged are living in privilege, why people increasingly suffer the weight of poverty, and why a free people continue to allow their leaders to say one thing while doing another.”

Paul Thomas 2011


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